Tailored Solutions

We listen to and analyse your business needs and then use our software development capabilities and core transport management software modules to build solutions that work productively and cost effectively for your business.

Here are a some examples of our customised transport and logistics software, solutions we’ve developed for specific clients’ needs:

Bulk Haulage Solution

Bulk Haulage Solution - Quote Enquiry Screen

Our Client’s Requirements

A bulk haulage transport company needed a management system to quote their clients, improve their operational efficiency and measure their business performance.

All their work needed to be quoted, with each quote needing to be able to accommodate separate jobs within it, while supporting jobs types such as cartage only, supply and cartage, cartage and disposal. Each quote needed to provide an estimate of profitability based on the planned use of resources, including both vehicle types and subcontractors. Successful quotes may only apply for some of the jobs on that quote.

Our client also wanted to improve their efficiency in capturing weighbridge dockets, preventing double entry, and meeting the requirements of having to use different weighbridge docket types.

From a financial perspective they needed to be able to generate both their clients’ invoices and Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI) so as to pay their subcontractors.

One final requirement was the provision of reports on their actual profitably, taking into account all costs, including driver hours and per kilometre vehicle rates.

The Transfocus Solution

Due to the nature of our client’s contracts, contracts that resulted in the need to move thousands of tonnes of materials between sites, it was impractical to dispatch jobs to drivers’ phones, as would be done using general transport procedures. Although our Transport Management System already handled the multiple loads for bulk haulage jobs we did not have a quoting and dispatch system to send out a daily work schedule.

As we designed our system from the outset with flexibility and customisation in mind, we were able to develop a custom software solution that re-used all of the core elements from our Transport Management System.

In our tailored software solution our client was able to generate quotes for all the different kinds of work they do, as well as email and track quotes directly from the system. When they win work, one or more jobs on the quote can easily be converted to a live job allowing weighbridge documents to be assigned.

During the course of the development the client saw how easy the system was going to be to use so they started planning a second phase project that would allow the drivers to capture weighbridge documents electronically and completely remove the need for manual entry.

Needs Specific

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POD Scanning Solution

Our Client’s Requirements

Many of our clients wanted to improve the efficiency of their Proof of Delivery (POD) handling.  Although their existing transport management software allowed them to store POD documents in their transport application, the option of buying the additional software required to automate the process just did not justify the investment.

The key requirement was to be able to scan multiple documents, such as PODs (plus additional paperwork), in large batches, in the order of 50-100 pages, and have the POD scanning system automatically recognise the barcodes, and sort the batch into individual PODs. It was, however, necessary to generate a notable return on the investment, based on the cost of the time staff were spending handling POD documents individually, to justify the project.

The Transfocus Solution

One of our first objectives was to develop a simple POD Scanning Solution that was easy to setup and maintain. Allowing users to setup multiple document types for POD while also being effective for manifest or run sheets. Including a simple set of configuration options to tell the system whether additional paperwork was expected and the ability to set the naming convention of the POD output file were other objectives. Allowing users to set the naming convention of the output file made it easy for the document to be easily read and imported into the main transport system.

The final solution was simple.  Users are now able to scan large batches of POD documents to a scanning folder, directly from a scanner or photocopier, and individual POD documents then become available in an output folder.

Ease Of Use

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EDI with File Conversion

Our Client’s Requirements

Our clients needed to receive transport jobs electronically, however the outlay of developing a new interface for each client for use with their existing transport management software was too cost prohibitive. Transfocus’ first brief was to develop a simple import system (Electronic Data Interchange, EDI), a system that would allow their sales people to promote the EDI capability with the confidence that any format could be accommodated with minimal setup costs.

The Transfocus Solution

To achieve these goals we wrote software specifically designed to map any customer file format to a single format, so that file could be easily imported to our clients’ systems. We achieved a successful outcome for our clients by reducing the setup cost from what previously a minimum of $3000 to between $100 and $500 per file format.

One of our clients was also able to develop a standard format that they could provide to their clients, as well the tools needed to make minor changes themselves, and enable the whole solution to be managed internally by the client.

Transfocus has gone on to use this EDI (file import / export) solution for a whole range of clients and applications, and it has since been developed to become a completely standalone product. The EDI file converter supports received files in all the common formats, such as CSV, TXT, XML, files that can be converted to any format required. With our EDI solution files can also be sent and retrieved automatically from email, or sent server-to-server via FTP.


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Wireless Warehouse Solution

Our Client’s Requirements

Our 3rd party logistics client uses a legacy system and needed a mobile solution for their warehouse staff so that they could both receipt stock and pick orders from their warehouse using mobile devices. When their existing provider failed to deliver a working solution our client still had need to improve efficiency and accuracy of warehouse picking. Our client approached Transfocus to see if we could develop a software solution that would interface seamlessly to their existing system.

The Transfocus Solution

Our approach was to first develop a modern interface to the legacy system, one that allows data to be transferred to and from that system using the latest web technologies. This enabled us to develop a standalone warehouse application that would run on any Windows device, including Windows tablets. This approach allowed our application to be easily run on a PC at the receiving dock, where it is more convenient to use a PC to print labels for incoming freight, while having the same application running on tablets mounted on forklifts for picking orders or for staff to carry out generic stock inquiries in the warehouse.

The final solution brought the old legacy application out into the warehouse with a modern look and feel, as well as including many new features that were not even available in the legacy application, ranging from advanced searching to stock consolidation.

Mobile Friendly

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Inventory Control System

Our Client’s Requirements

One of our manufacturing clients needed an inventory control solution. They had an existing legacy inventory software tool and went out to market, not for off-the-shelf solutions, but for software to meet their specific requirements. The solution had to be able to work seamlessly with a number of legacy software platforms and handle not only simple stock reporting, but track status at different stages of production as well as to accommodate multi-currency considerations.

The Transfocus Solution

Having already developed a wireless warehouse solution for another 3rd party logistics client, and with our extensive experience with 3rd party warehousing, we were able to scope a stock control solution to meet the client’s budget and provide them with the confidence that we could build a solution to meet their highly specialised requirements. The Transfocus solution had all the standard stock control features, including Receipting Stock and Sales Orders, but also managed Work Orders and provided comprehensive Stock Reporting at various stages of production, as well as being able to rebuild stock levels at historical dates.

Easy Access

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Web Portals and Intranets

Our Client’s Requirements

One of our transport clients had a need for a custom built web portal, one to provide their customers with access to chosen information from their main transport application. The portal needed to provide their customers with a full job history, PODs as well as invoices and statements. In addition there were some specific login security requirements where some customer users could view job history and other customer users needed access to their financial information. As well, there was a need for the ability for users to update certain information such as change of address directly from the portal into the backend transport management system. The portal had to be extremely simple to use, to make it easy for non-technical customers.

The Transfocus Solution

The solution provided both an easy-to-use interface to the main transport application as well as the ability to retrieve POD documents from a third party scanning solution. It also allowed easy access to invoices and statements.  The final solution not only met our client’s challenging requirements but also provided a number of features that we were able to make available easily using modern design tools.

Off-the-shelf T&L Software

We don’t tailor all our solutions. We also have a set of highly configurable cloud based software products.

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