Your Business Benefits From Transfocus’ History

Transfocus started out as logistics IT consultants in 2003, assisting logistics companies to choose the right software provider to meet their business’ requirements. Our work evolved into our logistics clients treating our business as an extension of their own team as they utilised our experience for everything IT.

Transfocus became a software development company to meet the needs of our existing customers, all of which had transport and logisitics software systems which had not been developed by Transfocus. Our customers had requirements that either their existing provider could not accommodate or the investment required was too substantial for our clients to gain a return.

Our first development project commenced in 2004 when one of our clients wanted to receive transport jobs electronically, however the cost of developing a new interface for each of their clients was too cost prohibitive when using their existing software. Our first brief was to develop a simple import system (an Electronic Data Interchange, EDI) that would allow their sales people to promote their new EDI capability with confidence, a solution where any data format could be accommodated with minimal setup costs.

To achieve this we wrote software specifically designed to map any customer file format to a single format that could be easily imported. We achieved a successful outcome for the client reducing the setup cost from what previously was a minimum of $3000 to a cost of between $100 and $500 per file format.

For over 10 years our EDI software solution has managed over 80% of all job bookings being received by our original client and the software solution is still in operation today.

Since then we have gone on to develop a range of interfaces ranging from MYOB to SAP and numerous others in between.

Following our first development our clients needs have included a range of standalone and integrated software solutions, including customer web portals, a wireless warehouse software solution, paperwork scanning, and a sign on glass solution.

Having started developing in complex environments involving software and hardware integration we recognised that technology was moving on and, in particular, smart phones were reducing the access cost to being able to provide a broad range of features that would have otherwise been cost prohibitive.

At this point we decided to develop a full transport management system, one that provides large-company-features to small and mid-tier operators using the very latest technologies. Our goals were simple:

  • Leverage the benefits of using the very latest in technology
  • Make the solution highly customisable to empower our customers
  • Deliver the solution at a price point that provides a clear return on investment for our clients

To this end we have created a highly scalable solution that can accommodate real world transport operations, and especially those requirements that don’t fit neatly into one category / transport business model. In our experience very few transport operators can be described as a standard courier or general freight company but, instead, most operators cross into different modes of transport which lead to far different requirements from a transport management system. In most cases our standard TMS solution can be easily configured to meet requirements, but when this is not the case, we use the core elements of our application to build a custom solution to meet your individual requirements.

Our approach is to work closely with you, listening to your unique requirements,  as we have done with each of our customers, and then offering you a solution which specifically addresses all your needs.  This engagement model has been the key to our success over many years.

The team at Transfocus is committed to:

  • Engaging with you as your primary software partner
  • Tailoring valuable solutions for you
  • Delivering you quality, through expertise, attention to detail, and passion
  • Being reliable at all times
  • Caring about your business outcomes
  • Winning your trust
  • Offering you industry-best transport and logistics software

Innovation in the logistics industry with a fresh new approach

Why Transfocus?

  • We tailor compelling solutions for you
  • We build industry-leading software products
  • We provide high quality and prompt support
  • We care about you and your business
  • We understand your logistics business
  • We are a technology innovator
  • We are a team of experienced and qualified IT professionals seeking to complement your team
  • We aim to comprehend all your business needs and challenges through partnership
  • We employ industry professionals, people driven to join our team in permanent or contract capacities, so we can help build your business to ensure Transfocus remains a highly trusted brand
  • We share our extensive knowledge with you
  • We listen carefully to your needs – each logistics business has it own requirements
  • We provide you with software to deliver your customers with an outstanding experience of your business as they serve themselves
  • We communicate clearly with you
  • We want and we value the opportunity to speak with you about your software needs, so why not call us now?


Quality Offering


Highly Configurable






We are Nimble


Extensive Experience

The Leadership Team

Jason Moss - Transfocus' Managing Director

Jason Moss

Managing Director

Jason has over 25 years’ industry experience in a range of hybrid technical and commercial roles and, in every one of them, he has deliberately taken on customer-facing responsibilities. He is the founding Director of Transfocus where, during the past 14+ years, he has delivered outstanding Information Technology solutions to the Australian Transport and Logistics industry. These positive-impact and cost-reducing solutions come about as a result of his ability to carefully listen to client needs and then deliver outcomes which exceed client expectations. Jason has grown the team size of Transfocus to 15 staff members and additional growth is expected.

Jason holds an Electronic Engineering degree. He has also successfully completed a course in Entrepreneurship.

Boris Todorovic - Transfocus' Lead Software Developer

Boris Todorović

Lead Developer

Boris is a Software Developer and Architect with over 10 years’ experience in building and managing software development projects. His specialties include building desktop, web and mobile applications with Microsoft .NET, and development for various mobile platforms (Windows Mobile/Phone, iOS and Android).

Boris has experience across a range of industries including transport and logistics, accounting, auditing, capital markets, strategic management, and business performance monitoring. He’s managed software development and system integration projects and has been involved in strategic alignment and planning. He has built ICT strategic and operational plans and these were executed successfully.

Boris holds a PhD and was previously a part-time Assistant Lecturer in leading higher education institutions where his real-world development experience expanded his students’ knowledge. He continues to cultivate the development capabilities of the Transfocus software team.

Transfocus Transport Management System Logo

Transport Management System

A TMS that’s easy to use so your staff will be far more productive right from the outset

Software Technology

Transfocus has secured a position as a technology leader in the transport and logistics software industry by adopting new technologies and making the benefits of them available to you, our client, quickly and seamlessly.

Our team is always on the look out for the latest frameworks, web technologies and mobile device development technologies so we can pick the best, develop with them and then deliver you with cloud or mobile device software that will keep you ahead of your competition.


You’ll experience our different approach to doing business from the first time you speak to us

Engaging With You

Transfocus’ team is different. We know what the big transport and logistics software vendors are like and we certainly don’t aspire to mimic them. We want to build a long term relationship with you, one that will be beneficial to both our businesses, not just ours. We go the extra mile to meet the needs of your operation as we know this gives both you and us the opportunity to thrive.

We want you to trust us, as we want to trust you, ensuring we have open and engaged discussions when dealing with the operational and strategic challenges that your business faces. We want you to see Transfocus an integral part of your business, not a vendor tapping your pocket, so we will work to attain this valued position with you.

Mobile Friendly

Your team can work on tablets, phones, desktops and notebooks to easily deliver your customers with outcomes that meet their needs

Where to now?

So, you’ve heard that we are different. You’ll also find our products different too, as we have adopted modern web and app technologies from the outset.

Why not speak to us about your software requirements, and test the Transfocus difference?

Alternatively, why not have a look at some of our off-the-shelf products, or even review some of our previous tailored software solutions?