A trucking software suite well suited to many transport business types

Transfocus’ Transport Management System (TMS) and Smart Phone POD Delivery Solution provide large company solutions to small and medium sized logistics businesses at a price point that provides a clear return on investment as well as delivering outstanding value for money.

Our architecture allows the system to be easily configured to suit a broad range of methods of transport.

Our clever design and a modular approach to development, combined with highly configurable applications, result in sophisticated system logic that is both simple to learn and easy to use.

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Transport Management System

The Transfocus Transport Management System has been developed using the latest technologies and it has been designed to provide the best possible user experience for both your staff and customers. The workflow has been optimised all the way from initial booking, to leg allocation to drivers, job pricing, through to customer invoicing. Each step is logical and has been implemented in our system so they are both intuitive and user friendly. This system will enhance your operational and administrative efficiencies while meeting the technology needs of your customers.

Transfocus TMS Features
  • Runs in the cloud so no server outlay or scaling issues
  • Is simple and intuitive so your staff will be productive very quickly
  • Can be licenced in a number of different ways so there is a model good for your business
  • Driver location and pallet tracking capabilities
  • Support for couriers, bulk haulage, distribution and cross dock transport
  • Powerful pricing and invoicing tools
A desktop computer showing the Operations Module of the Transfocus Transport Management System with a smart phone running the Transfocus App showing a recommended truck route map


Powerful software tools made to be easy

Web Based Panel

The Transfocus Panel gives your staff all the information and control they need to carry our their roles.  It has been designed to be rapid to learn and easy to use by being as intuitive as possible.  Your staff will quickly discover how much easier their work life will become with information available to them on desktop computers, notebooks and tablets.


  • Intuitive
  • Quick access to information
  • Consistent interface for your staff and customers


  • A productivity enhancer
  • Enables smarter decisions
  • Drives cost out by introducing efficiencies
Transfocus TMS Screen Capture - Map of current driver locations

The manager of your operation will be surprised by the visibility they have of the jobs yet to be completed and how easy it is to manage and allocate job legs.  They will also appreciate the ease and the control that they have over sending jobs and instructions to their drivers’ mobile phones.

Your staff will have the nightmare of paperwork massively reduced.  We look to capture as much data as we can electronically and immediately make it accessible from your Panel.

Bookings can be entered manually by your team through the Transfocus Panel, or by your customers through the same Panel, but with restricted access (or job bookings can automatically be imported from another system).

Information available for your staff from within the Panel while talking to customers includes delivery information, receiver information, the receiver’s signature, photos of exceptions at delivery, product information, job pricing, invoices and statements.

Your customers can also be provided with customised access to the Panel so they can serve themselves with PODs, invoices and statements, and also book their transport jobs.

Logical and intuitive

Software designed for a great end-user experience

Mobile Phone App

The Transfocus mobile phone App works neatly with the Panel to deliver a complete transport management software solution, one the that allows your drivers to capture billing information, proof of delivery signatures, photos for when there is a delivery exception, view suggested routes on maps, plus the App provides your drivers their run sheet in the sequence you would like them to do their work.


  • Drivers capture billing information automatically, including wait times
  • Drivers also capture receiver names, signatures, photos and GPS co-ordinates of deliveries
  • Automate your manual processes


  • Your drivers will automatically capture critical data that makes billing your customers trivial
  • Substantially reduces your paperwork nightmare
  • Increase your asset utilisation and GP$ return from them

Provide your drivers with the tools needed to minimise their administrative work by giving them our mobile phone App.  They’ll have a simple user interface which allows them to quickly record the work they do and have it reflected in the Panel almost instantaneously.  At each point in a driver’s day any update they make in the App is automatically made available in the Panel.  From the Panel your customer-facing staff and your customers will be provided with access to PODs, including delivery locations, dates and times, and photos taken by the driver, or all these can automatically be emailed to your customers.

Empower your drivers

Provide your drivers with the tools to keep them moving

A TMS Serving a Broad Range of Transport Businesses

Logistics companies continue to evolve and are focused on moving freight in the most efficient way to meet the needs of their customers in a highly competitive market. As a result many logistics companies don’t fit neatly into one category. One of our primary objectives in designing our transport management software was to accommodate this trend and to be able to meet complex transport business requirements, where other software companies fall short.

If you associate your transport and logistics company with one or more of the following classifications we would love to see if we can help you with our versatile offering:

  • General Freight
  • Bulk Haulage
  • Heavy Haulage
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Courier
  • Express
  • Taxi Truck
  • Distribution
  • We won’t stereotype your operation
  • We aim to make our software work for you, rather than having you working around our software
  • Enjoy a software partner that understands evolving logistics requirements

Specialised operations?

We understand that all transport is the same but different, and have the software to help you

TMS Customer Notifications

Maximising Your Customers’ Experience

All aspects of the Transfocus Transport Management System have been developed with a focus on your customers’ experience, the end customers’, whilst maximising the control of your logistics business by making appropriate features available. These capabilities facilitate a close and highly engaged relationship with all your customers.

An example, shown below, is the capability of the TMS for you to tailor consignment progress information emailed to not only individual customer contacts but also to chosen contacts at each delivery location:

Transfocus TMS Screen Capture - selecting contacts who will be receiving delivery notifications

Happy customers

Being able to configure your software to meet the changing and individual needs of your customers drives business growth

Next Generation Transport Software

The Transfocus Transport Management System is the next generation of Logistics software designed to leverage and benefit from the latest software development, web and app technologies. You will benefit with:

  • Large company software made simple and easy
  • Software specially designed for mobile devices, for improvement in efficiency that goes far beyond merely capturing a proof of delivery
  • Google Maps being incorporated throughout application that not only enables driver tracking but also displays a location of every driver
  • The customer portal is part of the main application providing the same easy operation and rich experience to both your customers and your own internal users

This transport system was designed specifically to accommodate all the different ways of moving your freight from point A to point B, and is especially designed to handle the range of combinations of multiple drivers and/or subcontractors required to complete a job.

Pick Up and Delivery Directly

Point-to-point deliveries are common for courier, taxi truck, and heavy haulage companies, however many point-to-point transport companies bring jobs back to the depot to be completed by another driver. A key requirement is often to be able re-order the pickup and delivery legs across multiple jobs.

Pick Up and Cross Dock

A pickup driver completes the pickup leg and brings the freight back to the depot for a delivery, and that delivery is then completed by another driver. Many companies use this as their primary model when providing a state-wide transport service, however many companies who focus primarily on point-to-point freight need the capability to cross dock freight, either for a specific customer engagement, or it becomes necessary due to your drivers’ workloads.

Subcontracting and On Forwarding

The starting point for most logistics companies is the pickup, where the pickup driver completes the pickup and takes the consignment back to the depot. Based on the delivery destination the job may need to be line hauled and/or on forwarded.

Subcontractor and on forwarder management is critical to be able to provide a nationwide services to end customers, especially when companies don’t have a fleet servicing particular pickup or delivery locations.


The pickup driver makes pickup that is for delivery interstate, and brings the freight to the depot for line haul. All the freight for delivery to a state is consolidated onto a line haul manifest. Once the line haul is completed another driver completes the delivery based on the destination.


For distribution transport companies they are typically distributing products and warehousing on behalf of their client, from their own third party warehouse, however many logistics companies are providing multiple drivers who distribute directly from customers’ own warehouses. For many transport companies who focus on distribution, the pickup is not so important as the jobs are all being loaded on the vehicle at the same time. Drivers often require a loading report which is in the reverse order of the planned delivery order and may be required to confirm that each job is correct when loading their vehicle.

The Transfocus TMS has the versatility to manage many transport and logistics models, including combinations of those listed above. There is the capability for your operations team to build complex jobs in our software using a set of customised legs.

Fit for purpose

Our consultative approach and careful consideration of your business requirements ensures that our solution is the right fit for your organisation

Customer Portal

The Transfocus TMS will empower your logistics company by providing an end-customer experience that is not only easy to use but for you to control access to the features that you want to make available to your customers.

The Transfocus TMS customer portal is highly configurable enabling it to meet the overall requirements of your business as a whole, but it also adds further control so it can meet your individual customer requirements, so as to create the best possible end-user experience.

Some of the features that can be optioned for individual customers are:

  • New job booking creation
  • Booking confirmation email notifications
  • Dashboard to track the progress of jobs in real time
  • Visibility to see the driver location on a Google Map
  • Delivery confirmation and POD email notifications
  • Full job history and advanced search capability
  • Visibility of invoices and statements
  • Ability to select and pay invoices online (under development)
  • Customers create and manage their own pickup and delivery address locations
  • Customers create and manage their own product codes
  • Create and manage your own users who can login
  • Automatic or manual verification of customer booked jobs
  • Customised graphic designs for portals

“We set out to give your customers web access to your TMS so that many more of your interactions with them will be switched from routine and mundane to high value and high impact.”

Andrew Haynes
Marketing Director, Transfocus Solutions

Gaby Cool’s highly customised Transfocus web portal login page

Ease the pressure on staff

Providing your customers with online access, from booking jobs to accessing PODs, invoices and statements, allows your staff to spend their time more productively

Operations Module

The Transfocus Operations Module will have your operations team leaders quickly deciding which legs each of your drivers will be doing and then dispatching those jobs to the Transfocus App on each of your drivers’ mobile phones. The web interface is optimisied to ensure that your business operates as efficiently as it possibly can, and to do this we give your operations team a simple to use set of software tools.

A  video of the TMS’ Operations Module showing job leg reordering through our standard web interface

Competitive edge

Software that can sell the value of your business to your customers, giving you a competitive edge

Pricing and Rate Calculation

The Transfocus pricing and rating system has been designed to be a framework enabling full automation, with the key goal being preventing revenue leakage through missed charging opportunities.

For logistics companies currently manually pricing jobs using popular accounting packages like MYOB and Xero, moving to full automation can seem daunting so the Transfocus system fully supports your familiar manual pricing but also provides the tools that allow incremental steps to achieving automation.

For transport and logistics businesses already familiar with automated pricing much time is spent finalising pricing, ensuring the right information has been entered and any additional charges have been captured. The Transfocus fully integrated mobile phone delivery App is an efficiency game-changer enabling the driver to record any additional activities, and/or the time taken, both waiting and travelling, directly in the App, enabling our TMS to automate the recording and billing of optional charges, charges that may only apply to certain customers.

Manual Pricing

Logistics companies using MYOB and Xero will be familiar with setting up pricing codes to charge customers, however careful attention is needed to ensure the right code is applied to the right job. Transfocus has simplified manual pricing by allowing a single master set of pricing codes with standard company pricing. When a customer has a special rate, their own rate can be setup in the customer record using the same code, so when the pricing code is added to a job the system automatically uses the correct rate for that customer.

Service Based Pricing

Traditional logistics service based pricing is used for a job that is required to be delivered within an agreed time-frame, or when specialised equipment is required to carry out the job.

In our TMS each of your customers can have their own service codes to suit their business, ones that are typically aligned with the service time-frame or equipment utilised. Examples include:

  • General, Express
  • Same Day, Next Day, Overnight
  • 1 Tonne, 3 Tonne, 5 Tonne
Hourly Charges

The Transfocus TMS automatically records the time drivers arrive and depart from both the pickup and delivery locations, and for companies who are charging based on time, or charge waiting or loading/unloading time, our system can be configured to prompt the driver to enter and confirm both the arrival and departure times in the Transfocus mobile phone app.

With this information captured by the driver the system can then calculate the hours, both the travel time and the time spent on site, for both the pickup and delivery. This provides the full flexibility to charge your customers based on actual time, or to include the time to go to and from the depot, which is particularly useful if the drivers are not starting jobs from the depot.

Break Rates

Many transport and logistics companies use break rates, or stepped reduction in the price, most often applied to the number of items or pallets, but on the Transfocus Transport Management System these can also be applied to the distance travelled or time taken.

Zone Based Pricing

Addresses can be easily assigned to pricing zones, enabling the automatic calculation of rates for delivery between any two locations. This enables your users to create rate schedules between towns, between cities, or to different areas within city.

Creating a pricing zone is quick and easy to setup, by either postcode range or suburb.

Automation Of Additional Charges

The fully integrated proof of delivery app is highly configurable and can be setup to suit the workflow of any mode of transport.

Each company can create a master list of activities that a driver may sometimes need to do on pickup or delivery. The drivers simply record any activities in the Transfocus mobile phone delivery app and the drivers do this without needing to know how the customer is charged. The app can be configured to prompt for the necessary information to facilitate appropriate billing.

Per Kilometre Charges

Every time an address location is created in the system the exact location is displayed on a Google Map so, for every job, the system can determine the exact number of kilometres between the pickup and the delivery location.

Simplify pricing

Handle complex pricing easily with a system that helps you manage the exceptions


Creating and sending customer invoices has never been easier, and catering to different terms and customer specific agreements are no longer a road block to invoice automation.

Whilst many logistics companies are constantly trying to gain efficiency through streamlining customer terms and pricing, there are always exceptions. These exceptions are often made to accommodate and retain the business of the key customers.

The Transfocus invoicing system provides both the setup capability and tools to enable you to automate your invoicing process.

Invoicing Grouping

Invoicing grouping allows you to control the consolidation of your jobs into a single invoice, or provides one job per invoice by default, but this can be overridden for your chosen customers.

Invoice Layout

This feature provides you with the flexibility to assign different invoice layouts to different customers. A customer wanting one job per invoice may want a detailed invoice, one containing a lot of information, whereas a customer who gives you a large number of jobs may prefer a consolidated layout across a smaller number of pages.

Invoice Frequency

The invoice frequency by customer setting makes it easier to manage customers who must receive a weekly or monthly invoice, whilst providing the flexibility to create and send other invoices immediately. This feature allows all invoices to be sent as early as possible ensuring the maintenance of a strong cash flow.

Invoice Delivery Method

Help control and automate the customers who are happy to receive invoices electronically, allowing any remaining invoices to be printed and mailed.

Stop revenue leaks

Maximise your revenue with system controls that ensure your customers are charged appropriately

Accounts with Xero and MYOB Integration

The Transfocus TMS supports integration with familiar account packages like Xero and MYOB and also supports the simple import and export of invoices.

Transfocus fully supports the direct transfer of invoices to preferred accounting systems. For many logistics organisations the biggest time saver is the streamlining of invoicing, and being able to automate the process. To achieve this you can send invoices directly from the TMS system, transferring them directly into your cloud based accounting system.


  • Workflow that assists in the checking and control of pricing to ensure that jobs have been priced correctly, and any additional charges have been applied
  • Automated emailing of invoices, by customer, based on how often you send invoices to that customer
  • Different invoice layouts, by customer, to support detailed and consolidated invoices

Another key requirement is your end customer experience and providing that end customer with access to invoices and statements, as well as the capability to make payment directly through the system.

To achieve this the Transfocus Transport Management System can be implemented with a full sales ledger, enabling payments to be entered and matched against individual jobs or invoices.


  • Customers can view invoices and statements online
  • Better control of matching payments to jobs

Automated invoicing

Streamline your invoicing by taking into account all the different ways to price jobs and send invoices to customers

What’s Next?

If these benefits, features and screen shots have generated interest then we’d like to let you know more of what our TMS can do for the efficiency and profitability of your business, or provide you with a demonstration of the solution.

Freedom to grow

A system that has the flexibility to change with you as your business evolves

Smart Phone POD Delivery Solution

Transfocus Smart Phone POD Delivery Solution Logo
Web-based panel showing the Smartphone POD Delivery Solution on a desktop computer with two mobile phones showing two different screens from the Transfocus POD App

Our Smart Phone POD Delivery Solution gives you far more than just Proof of Delivery software. It provides all the features you might expect including the capture of photos to optimised routes using Google Maps along with features which will make your transport management far more automated. The Transfocus solution can be set up as a stand-alone system for small businesses that don’t currently have transport software, but it was designed from the ground up with integration with transport management or ERP software in mind. The Smart Phone POD Delivery Solution is ideal for your manufacturing, distribution or sales businesses if you are already running your own delivery fleet.

Key Features
  • Runs in the cloud so no server outlay or scaling issues
  • Provide your customers with self-service of PODs
  • Is easy to learn and use for drivers, on-site staff and customers
  • Captures receiver’s name, signature, delivery location photos, and GPS co-ordinates of the delivery location
  • Drivers see their run sheets on their phone, not on paper
  • Drivers’ phone apps transmit events in next to real time
  • Lets IT drive out inefficiencies through automation
  • Web based panel so your team can use almost any device types in any location with an internet connection


A system designed to efficiently handle the exceptions that take up most of your time

Modular Approach

The Transfocus Smart Phone POD Delivery Solution is a subset of the Transfocus Transport Management System (TMS).  They share the same modern technologies and both continue to be aggressively developed to stay at the head of the pack.

You can take advantage of these TMS features with our POD Solution:


We give your team the software tools they need to make them highly productive

Tailored Software Solutions

Are our standard products not quite what your looking for? We may have a solution for you.

As well as our off-the-shelf products we also write customised transport and logistics software. Here are some examples of our tailored software solutions:

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