Next Generation Transport Software

The Transfocus Transport Management System is the next generation of Logistics software designed to leverage and benefit from the latest software development, web and app technologies. You will benefit with:

This transport system was designed specifically to accommodate all the different ways of moving your freight from point A to point B, and is especially designed to handle the range of combinations of multiple drivers and/or subcontractors required to complete a job.

  • Large company software made simple and easy
  • Software specially designed for mobile devices, for improvement in efficiency that goes far beyond merely capturing a proof of delivery
  • Google Maps being incorporated throughout application that not only enables driver tracking but also displays a location of every driver
  • The customer portal is part of the main application providing the same easy operation and rich experience to both your customers and your own internal users

Point-to-point deliveries are common for courier, taxi truck, and heavy haulage companies, however many point-to-point transport companies bring jobs back to the depot to be completed by another driver. A key requirement is often to be able re-order the pickup and delivery legs across multiple jobs.

A pickup driver completes the pickup leg and brings the freight back to the depot for a delivery, and that delivery is then completed by another driver. Many companies use this as their primary model when providing a state-wide transport service, however many companies who focus primarily on point-to-point freight need the capability to cross dock freight, either for a specific customer engagement, or it becomes necessary due to your drivers’ workloads.

The starting point for most logistics companies is the pickup, where the pickup driver completes the pickup and takes the consignment back to the depot. Based on the delivery destination the job may need to be line hauled and/or on forwarded.

Subcontractor and on forwarder management is critical to be able to provide a nationwide services to end customers, especially when companies don’t have a fleet servicing particular pickup or delivery locations.

The pickup driver makes pickup that is for delivery interstate, and brings the freight to the depot for line haul. All the freight for delivery to a state is consolidated onto a line haul manifest. Once the line haul is completed another driver completes the delivery based on the destination.

For distribution transport companies they are typically distributing products and warehousing on behalf of their client, from their own third party warehouse, however many logistics companies are providing multiple drivers who distribute directly from customers’ own warehouses. For many transport companies who focus on distribution, the pickup is not so important as the jobs are all being loaded on the vehicle at the same time. Drivers often require a loading report which is in the reverse order of the planned delivery order and may be required to confirm that each job is correct when loading their vehicle.

The Transfocus TMS has the versatility to manage many transport and logistics models, including combinations of those listed above. There is the capability for your operations team to build complex jobs in our software using a set of customised legs.