Mobile Phone App

The Transfocus mobile phone App works neatly with the Panel to deliver a complete transport management software solution, one the that allows your drivers to capture billing information, proof of delivery signatures, photos for when there is a delivery exception, view suggested routes on maps, plus the App provides your drivers their run sheet in the sequence you would like them to do their work.

Features and Benefits

  • Drivers capture billing information automatically, including wait times
  • Drivers also capture receiver names, signatures, photos and GPS co-ordinates of deliveries
  • Automate your manual processes
  • Your drivers will automatically capture critical data that makes billing your customers trivial
  • Substantially reduces your paperwork nightmare
  • Increase your asset utilisation and GP$ return from them

Provide your drivers with the tools needed to minimise their administrative work by giving them our mobile phone App.  They’ll have a simple user interface which allows them to quickly record the work they do and have it reflected in the Panel almost instantaneously.  At each point in a driver’s day any update they make in the App is automatically made available in the Panel.  From the Panel your customer-facing staff and your customers will be provided with access to PODs, including delivery locations, dates and times, and photos taken by the driver, or all these can automatically be emailed to your customers.